Vacu/Cupping Therapies


FACE DRAINAGE TREATMENT                                  30 min- $35

Very beneficial treatment for adults and children with acute and chronic sinusitis, allergies, as well as ear congestion.

Requires 3-6  applications.

Upper Back Cupping Massage                    40 min – $65

Vacu Cupping Massage Therapy is fun and result-oriented….and the treatment FEELS GREAT”  ~ Anita Shannon, the Founder of ACE Massage Cupping™ & MediCupping





VacuTherapies provide a gentle approach to many common conditions, and quickly produce results.

The tools are simple vacuum “cups” that are used to create a soothing suction on surface of the face and body that reaches deep into the tissues.

Ace massage cupping and Medi Cupping are safe and comfortable for use on children, adults, and seniors.

VacuTherapies are effective for:

  • Athletic  Performance Enhancment
  • Surgical and Injury Recovery
  • Pain Management
  • Body Contouring
  • Inflammatory Conditions