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                                       Look like you, only better !

Permanent makeup is the cosmetic line of the future! The techniques are safe and create minimal discomfort. At Columbus PMU & Skin SPA  we specialize in giving you perfectly shaped brows, beautifully defined eyes, and sensual feels for life.


PMU,  also known as Micropigmentation or Micropigment Implantation, is a unique combination of artistic ability and technical skill that is revolutionizing the cosmetics world.

This  is an ideal solution for those with active and busy lifestyles, athletes, professionals, for those that have makeup allergies, poor vision, limited ability to apply makeup, hair loss,  that lack confidence due to their current look (skin pigmentation, scars) and more!

It also a great option for those who wants:

  • To wake up and looking their best
  • Not wanting to be depend on products,  to have pay for them regularly or to retouch their look through the day
  • Wouldn‘t have to ever worry about makeup melting, running, smearing, coming off, or looking caked-on again.

IMPORTANT: 30 minute Free consultation is required to see if you are a candidate for this procedures.

                        Shading /Powdered Eyebrows *ADD COLOR*

This powder technique is a softer powder filled look similar to the look of makeup. This is best suited for those who want add color all over with low maintenance.

$485 | first session   $100 | 6 week touch up    $250 | yearly touchup

                                   Ombre Eyebrows *MAKEUP LOOK

The ombré technique gives a softer, misty, powder filled look similar to the look of makeup. The tails of the brows are darker and fade into a lighter shade towards the start of the brow, giving more of a full Makeup look.

$485 | first session    $100 | 6 week touch up     $250 | yearly touch up



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